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After changing network access airprinT from my Canon mx 430 doesn't work have tried reconnecting following canon instructions still no AirPrint iPad is connected to network - any suggesions

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    Unfortunately, the Canon MX430 is and older version and is not shown as being AirPrint compatible. See this Apple support document for details:




    Contact Canon support to see if they might have an updated driver that you could install to allow AirPrint to work.


    If no luck, you might be able to install an App like Printopia as a workaround to allow the iPad to print to the Canon printer, but you must have a Mac running on the network for this to occur.


    There is a free trial, so you will know in a few minutes whether or not this might work.


    Printopia - AirPrint to Any Printer - Print from iPad - Print from iPhone ...

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    Made a mistake actually have the mx 32 and it was air printing before I changed the network code

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    In that case, I would reset the MX 32 back to its default settings, so that it can be configured again to join the wireless network. In other words, you are starting "from scratch" as if the printer were new and it was joining the wireless network for the first time.


    Here, I am assuming that other wireless devices are connected to  your wireless router and operating properly.


    Other than that, I don't think that we can provide much in the way of specific advice for a Canon printer. Canon Support would be the place for specific help on your device.


    Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers


    It's always possible that another user who has the same printer and has experienced the same issue will see your post and be able to provide the answer....but realistically, it is unlikely that this will occur.


    Good luck.

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    Thank you!