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and my battery is still shocking, just lost 6% within an hour, anyone the same?

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    I am going to make it as brief as possible my 1 month experience with my brand new Iphone 5


    -Januarry 11 - I purchase the Iphone 5


    -First day the phone battery lasted on stand by for more than 24 hours


    -Second day, I upgraded the software for IOS 6.1


    -Battery issies begun. Battery on stand by last 4 - 6 hours


    -I took the Iphone to Apple Store, they say everything is OK, that I had too many apps or that I should have make the restoration process from  "New Iphone" instead backing up.


    -I do the New Iphone thing and the battery now lasts more than 24 hours on Stand By


    -Then Comes 6.1.1


    -Battery drain problems are back


    -Restoring the Iphone as NEW does not works this time. I have to charge 3 times a day my Iphone 5


    -Yesterday 6.1.2 addressing to fix this bug


    -I do the upgrade. Worst than before, battery drains 10% in 10 Minutes in Stand by!!


    -I cant make the battery to fully charge to 100%, no matter how long I plug it, even overnight, after 8 hours, I was expecting a 100% charge, but it was at 97%!!!! With all apps closed, WIFI and Bluetooth OFF


    -I do the whole restoring process from NEW again. - NOTHING!! - It has been only 3 hours since i Umppluged it and now I have 33% and thats because I charge it on my car on my way to Work, about 30 minutes.


    -6.1.2 its even worst that 6.1.1




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    If you cant charge your phone to 100% take it back, its probably hardware.

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    worse!! I'm lising 1% every 3 minutes, that's 20% every hour just on standby, not even using it...

    So angry with Apple for this latest update, before the ios 6.1.2 I did not have any issues.

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    I am using Iphone 4 and life has become very difficult after 6.1.2 upgrade..My battery stays only for couple of hours.  It drains so quickly and it looks like I really have to look for some more reliable option like Blackberry.


    I have noticed that the battery life is better if the cellular data is switched off but it still drains at a faster rate. At the moment I carry a charger wherever I go and it is always hooked up to an electrical outlet when I am in office or home.


    I will wait for another one week for an update..then it is good bye to Apple..! I can't beleive how a top class product can go to this low level of services or support in such a short span of time..

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    Am I the only one who has a 4s with 5.1 enjoying +12hrs of battery charge?


    I wont update my iphone until I know that all issues have been fixed and people post that in here.


    You guys shall do the same. Seriously. Dont believe what apple tech support or the update info says.