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Hi to everybody! Here is my problem. I've got a macbook pro mid 2010 and i just bought the new RAM (8gb) for it. So i changed the standard memory sticks (4gb) to the new ones and after turning mac on the process stops on the grey screen with apple logo and rotating circle (it rotates some time then stops and nothing happens). Switching back to the standard ram works ok. I also tried to mix the standard stick with one of new and it loads up well and shows that now i have 6gb ram (2+4). Also tried different so they probably work both. Turning on with only one of new ram didn't work too. I tried to load up in safe mode (holding shift), resetting the PRAM (opt+cmd+p+r) didn't worked too. Can you explain what's wrong and how to work it out to have 8gb? Also the new memory is - ddr3 pc3-8500 1066 Mhz

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