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i would very much like to organize all my contacts which i am doing very slowly with software called Cardscan that lets me scan and sort my business cards. i also have a personally oriented database in my Mac Contacts (Mountain Lion)/Mac Address Book (Lion).


i /think/ at this point that i have decided to keep all the business contacts in Cardscan and all the personal contacts in Mac Contacts by /exporting/(!) data from one database to the other.


however, does anyone know why Previous Recipients is so darn hinky or how to work around its very obvious limitations? i mean, right now i have a monster list in Previous Recipients on my Mac Pro that representes personal and business email addresses that i have either added to Mac Contacts or NOT added to Mac Contacts. and i also have a Previous Recipients list on my Mac Book Pro that represents the same kind of data.


this of course means that Mac Mail will autocomplete with different information depending on whether i am using my iPhone my Mac Pro or my MacBookPro which is a major drag since if it DOESN'T autocomplete i have to go searching through my IMAP mail to find the persons emails in order to copy and paste this address into an email.


is there some way to SENSIBLY have this information accessible on all my devices (iPhone, Mac Pro and MBP)??!! i mean, can i somehow create a database of this information and have it accessible?


i tried to tackle this at some point when someone wrote a SCRIPT that automatically dumped all the Previous Recipients into a folder "Previous Recipients on my Mac Pro" and "Previous Recipients on my MBP" which each existed in my Mac Contacts database but i have been working so hard to clean up other aspects of my contacts (i.e. business cards in cardscan and how this database relates to the Mac Contacts database) that i cannot remember if simply running this script again will give me some kind of moderate fix for this.


i mean, this means that ALL the addresses in each of the Previous Recipients databases now clutter up my All Contacts section of Contacts and i can't remember if this is a small price to pay to have email addresses accessible when i travel...


anyway, any good suggestions on this would be really welcome because every time i post on this problem i feel like also saying:


bueller, bueller, bueller...?

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