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Can someone explain how to set up my Mac,Logic pro 9 & Motif es6 to send midi note messages to Logic? I just need to use my Motif as a midi controller.I downloaded the drivers on my Mac & hopefully it is there!



Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    If it is installed correctly then...


    Open Logic, create a new project... add a software instrument track... (You can add a software instrument to that track to hear notes at this point too) select that track.. and just play notes on your Motif6  and look at the transport bar to see if those notes are being received by Logic... They will appear under Note In...


    If midi notes are not received then the Motif is not being recognised correctly by your Mac.. (It's actually nothing to do with Logic itself.. it's OS Xand the drivers you installed that control everything) and so you need to check you installed the drivers correctly but normally, it's pretty much plug and play....

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    Thanks.It worked although it took me a while & after rebooting,it worked.I am wondering if it is possible to sync Motif with Logic so I can use Motif as a Slave to dump midi tracks.Any guidance on this would be appreciated.