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OKAY: My shiney skinny new iMac arrived yesterday.  First new computer since my  G5 in 2005!


First things first:  Get my MAIL up and running. I do....


I have a gmail account.


So, with assistant, I filled in all the blanks, and up and running she goes!  I've got mail and can send!


BUT and HOWEVER:  my computer, after 2 days, is still DOWNLOADING into my IN BOX OLD Gmail from years ago.  I guess, what ever is still on my Gmail server is now filing my computer.  I didn't know it would do this.


I think I am getting to the limit ----- I went to gmail account, and there are about 22,000 there.  And I am up to 20,000.


I had already SAVED my email from the old computer that I wanted.  I didn't all this. 


I guess I just didn't realize or think that all this email would still be at GMAIL server.  And worse, that it would make its home in my new iMac.


So, what should I have done different?  There will be another computer and similar problem soon.   


And I have been to my GMAIL sight.  How do I PERMANENTLY trash email there (or on my computer).


I am drowing in old email!