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i am trying to figure out how to maintain a flickr published album in Aperture and this is like my third or fourth run at this. i am reading the documentation titled "Updating your Flickr and Facebook Albums" and it /appears/ to me that i havvi have to MANUALLY select any /new/ images that i have added to an already published album and then select the album that i want the images to be published in (even though the new images are of course in the already published Flickr Album so i am not exactly sure why Aperture requires me to make this selection).


in any event, i am having the following problem:


while i have just ADDED four images to this already published album and while i /can/ manually select these and then select the album that they should be published in Flickr - what do i do if i am not sure if there are OTHER images in this album that have been added to the album but were not added to the flickr album?


i mean, it seems to me like this is not an automated thing where i can simply add images to an already published album and have them updated in Flickr - but what do i do if i want to make sure all the images in this album in aperture are in the flickr album??


do i basically select ALL the images in the album, publish them all to the flickr album and then delete duplicates on flickr or is there some way to simply "upload unpublished images to this album" or to otherwise have aperture SHOW ME which images are in fact in the online album...


am i missing something easier here?



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    hmmm. i guess just selecting all the images in the album and publishing to flickr while selecting the /existing/ album will simply update with the new images and not result in duplication of images already published.


    for some reason i remember this resulting in added duplicates in the flickr album but maybe i did something wrong that last time.


    anyway, i think this is problem solved...