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Upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.2 has killed my iPhone 4. I downloaded the update in iTune (mac) to install later because iTunes (latest ver.) has been locking up a lot since the last upgrade. I've been trying to upgrade my iphone and ipad 3g numerous times today and kept getting different error codes when it was done downloading and preparing to install, mostly "Disk cannot from be read or written to".

This time after restarting the imac and rebooting the iphone everything seemed to be working until it got about a quarter of the way into the install when the "unknown error -1" popped up. iTunes locked up for a while but finally snapped out of it. But all in stuff on the iPhone is lost and just got the restore button as an option. So I went ahead with the restore since I backed up right before attempting this, and now it locks up when it says "verifying with apple".

Now after many computer and iphone restarts and plugging and unplugging attemps iTunes does not see the iphone to even attempt to restore. Where do I go from here aside from buying a new ipone and or imac?

A side note about this iMac...It's basically my media center. I run iTunes with Home Sharing for all my other devices, iPhoto, an Elgato EyeTV, and invoicing software for my business (which keeps me stuck in os 10.6.6). Everything runs fine. Everything in itunes works fine except syncing our iPhones or iPad. Syncing has rarely worked since the iOS 6.2.1 upgrade and the iTunes upgrade around the same time. Which is why I was hoping getting to 6.1.2 might help.

iMac (27-inch Late 2009)
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    Error -1 is most often a very bad hardware error of the Baseband Chip. Apple recomendation is to try to Restore your iPhone on a different computer. To get iPhone into Recovery Mode. Open iTunes on computer. Connect iPhone to computer with USB Cable. Hold both Home and Power buttons for about 20 seconds until iTunes on computer recognizes iPhone in Recovery Mode. Click the Restore button of iTunes.

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    Thanks, that helped and that's what I did. Then after restoring on another computer, which wiped all my apps and data, I went back to the iMac that the phone is linked to and did a restore from back up. Now everything is back to where it was prior except the iOS is now current.

    I wonder if the Apple servers were getting overloaded with updaes yesterday...I forgot to mention the other error I got repeatedly was "loss of network connection". And I got that message twice while trying ro restore on another machine as well. Both machines are hard wired, no wifi.

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    I have had this happen as well on an iPhone4, both with 6.2 IOS update, and the 6.2.1 update.  Both failed with 'unknown error' and then did a restore (on the same Mac Air), and required a restore of the backup and a sync to get the apps backs (on the same Mac Air).  My iPhone5 upgraded just fine though.  Other than the two IOS update failures, the iPhone4 works perfectly and sync's fine etc.  I rather suspect it is an IOS update issue as I've heard of this same problem on other iPhones, but just iPhone4.  Very odd that after the restored backup etc the IOS itself is indeed updated.  Perhaps Apple is 'phasing' the iPhone4 and pushing it out with IOS updates that frustrate iPhone4 users, or it's just another example of some MS Windows programmer now working for Apple!

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    I had this error also on my iPad2, which I initally thought might have just been out of space, but just got the same failure on my iPhone5. Going through the restore now.

    Both devices updating from 6.0.2 to 6.1.2