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What is happening? Since I got this new iMac with Mt Lion, open windows keep shifting side to side or up and down. Not a lot but it is making me dizzy. I'm not moving my mouse; I am trying to look at or read something on a given site and the whole open window, every so often, just shifts to the right or left and back again. Sometimes it goes up and down. Not a lot, about a quarter of an inch, but it is maddening. Does anyone know anything about this?

*Just now, as I am typing this, the whole open window did a quick jig to the left and back again.

If I'm in the wrong community, sorry; not sure where to post this. All I can say is I never had this happen before getitng this new 27" iMac about a week ago.

I also have my Mac Pro running with Snow Leopard and it is not doing it there. Nor is it doing it on my MacBook Pro running Lion.

Very annyoying and confusing.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Sounds like multi-touch gestures on your Mighty Mouse, or your trackpad. See System Preferences>Trackpad and learn about all the things you can do, but I'm sure you're doing this by mistake.

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    I think you are correct. Since unchecking the Swipe between pages option, I'm not noticing all that jiggling.

    That said, I would like to keep that feature on so my question is how to do that without having constant side to side movement? Better yet, what is causing it? Is it simply my touching the Magic Mouse, and the slightest touch causing undesired movement? Do open windows need to be wider to some "full width?"

    Thanks for the tip. Any additional help is appreciated.