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I use iMessage around the world, From Germany, to Australia, New Zeland to Canada and everywhere in-between! This is a strange issue with just one set of numbers I have.


I currently have service in Austria from (3/drei) This is where it gets weird, If I send a new iMessage to friends back in the states with a 615 area code and they respond, their number shows in the following format 6155 777701, not their name. (not a real number, used for formatting example)


This didn't start until I put the 3 SIM in my phone. In research, 3 has numbers that begin with 6 or 06 and are formatted as 0660 5552222 (5-7 digits) Just so you know, I never did figure out the 0 that begins most European phone numbers and is usually in parenthesis, I don't know what it means...


Also, tried messaging from another country (Italy freeroam) and using my email address for iMessage, neither one has resolved this.


To note, I can't update my phone yet because I don't have internet service faster than 1.5mbps. Any suggestions in the mean time will be helpful and I'll update my phone to see if this is resolved as well.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, Sprint
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    Update, this is also happening on one 931 number now. And its formatting it as 931 5557777


    If I tap that message, it opens a new SMS to that number... I don't want that, I want to see the reply from my friend.

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    I just updated my phone, time will tell if iOS 6.1.2 will have resolved it.

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    No change, 510 and 931 are also area codes where this happens, but its formatted as 931 or 510 7775555


    The only thing is that it has to be a new message from a different address like going from email to the phone number or vice versa


    This did not happen in America when i would iMessage from my mac using email and then go back to my phone number, and the iOS version was the same too.


    Apple senior rep doesn't know...


    Any advice would be appreciated, I have this phone for 4 months and friends back home who like to keep up with my travels.