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A very frustrating feature of 10.8.2 is that there does not seem to be anyway to navigate to a folder that you haven't used in the last 4 or is in the left hand column of folders.


I have to save a file to the desktop or somewhere, then open finder and move it. That means if I want to open it with the "recent" file menu it is no longer in it's place.


What is the way around this apparent oversite?

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Navigate via the save dialog box.  You might have to click a little triangle somewhere near the top to see the whole file system.

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    Thanks. That little triangle eluded me.


    That search box used to be default.


    Same as the search in iphoto used to be open as default and now you have to click to open it.

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    For most things, it stays in its last setting, i.e., once you open it it stays open.

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    The Finder and individual application save/save as windows offer four different filesystem views. Since you refer to the “left hand column of folders,” I believe you are using the columnar view. I use the left-most icon view as it remains a long-standing functionality habit.


    Saving a file to the Desktop, and then moving it elsewhere, is not taking advantage of the application save/save as dialogs that allow you to navigate the filesystem and deposit the file at its exact intended location. If you use this principle, then the recent file menu will remain accurate.


    I do not create labyrinthine folder hierarchies that make file placement difficult. That means that my Documents folder, by example, usually does not exceed two sub-folders deep. If you try to turn your filesystem into some nested sub-folder outline from hades, it will become unmanageable, and hinder your filesystem performance.


    I suggest that the next time you happen to be at a book store with a Mac section, browse through some of the Mountain Lion books on using the Finder. Take your MacBook Pro with you, open the book, and practice. You will become more efficient without spending $50 for a book.

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    By left side I meant the favorites. No problem once the triangle was pointed out.


    I normally only use 3 levels