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I keep having Aperture freezing up on me saying Aperture error message.jpg I don't want to stop the facebook connection if possible but I can not clear this error and when I click ok it just reappears sometimes for a couple of dozen times sometimes hundreds and I can not use Aperture while the message is there.  I have this problem on my desktop but, so far not on my laptop.  Any ideas how to get rid of it? Thanks.

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    The OSStatus error -1 may indicate a network problem, even if your internet is working fine now. You may see these alert boxes, if Aperture cannot connect to Flickr or Facebook, when it awakes from sleep.

    I'd disable the option "Automatically check for newly published albums" in the "Web" preferences of Aperture.

    This will prevent Aperture from trying to connect to Facebook, each time it wakes up.




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    Thanks for that Leonie, I have done that and will give it a go.  As the problem is intermittent it may take a few days before I know that it has worked.