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Hi! im on a trip with my old iphone 3gs (and without my pc) and i just bought an iphone 5. is it possible to restore my iphone 3gs data to the iphone 5 with out my pc and itunes??? thanks!!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)

    If you use iCloud, yes. Read here:




    BTW: Any Apple store will do this for you.

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    First, you will need to make sure you are backing up to iCloud. On your 3GS, go to Settings>iCloud>Storage and Backup and make sure iCloud backup option is ON. Then click Back Up Now.


    When the backup is complete, just click restore from backup when setting up your new iphone and sign in.

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    thanks BUT its still problematic:  "When the restore process is complete, your device will restart. Then it will be ready for use. You should connect the device to iTunes to sync data not contained in the backup (such as music, videos, apps, and so on). You can verify and change which data are synced by clicking the syncing tabs in iTunes."


    is there any way to transfer apps and music to my new iphone without my pc and ituenes???


    thanks again!!

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    It is far faste/safer/complete to use iTunes to back up the old phone VIA USB CABLE to local storage. Then you plug in the new phone and iTunes recognizes it as such and offers to restore from the old phone's backup. EVERYTHING, save the apps, gets restored: message, settings, mail, etc. And the apps can be then installed from iTunes local backup of the files, without having to download again.


    Been there, done that. Twice. My boss has a tad of bad luck with her phones.

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    i know it works with itunes but im abroad and ill get back home only in 3 months - any way to restore app to a new iphone without my own pc and itunes??

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    Look, Apple designed iPhone 5 to be used without a computer, and the fact is millions of users, around the world, use it that way with zero issues...they update, restore, etc.


    Yes, you can do this without a computer...are there risks? Of course there are. Make sure you have a fast Internet connection...make sure there aren't any firewalls or other software to block stuff...if unsure, go to an Apple store. They will do this for you.


    You can re-download all iTunes purchased content, except ringtones, for free. So, you can restore all of your apps, etc.


    Good luck.

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    When you back up your previous device, all of your information, including music, videos, and apps, is backed up. (Review this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4859).


    When you restore this backup to your new iPhone, all music and apps will be there, just like on your old phone.


    You can't hurt anything if you just try this. If the new iPhone doesn't restore like you want it to, just erase everything and try again.