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I can't find any information about how to set up a Calendar Group in iCal 6, other than someone said you had to go to iCloud to do it. (And I didn't find anywhere there to add a Calendar Group.) I have set up many different calendars for me, but would like to publish them as a group, instead of 15 different calendars. I assumed that putting them all in a group, and then publishing the group would do this. Should be a simple task, but there are no menu items to add a Group, just additional single calendars. Hope someone can help me with specifics. RW

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (81,980 points)

    There are no groups (in the sense of groups in contacts) in calendars.

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    Interesting. When I search iCal Help using "groups" the following is shown.


    "Organize your calendars in groups

    You can group calendars so that they appear together in the Calendar list.

    NOTE: You can only group calendars under the heading On My Mac in the Calendars list.


    1. In Calendar, choose File - New Calendar Group.

    2. Name the group.

    3. Drag calendars to the new group in the Calendar list."


    However, my File menu only has New Calendar listed, followed by iCloud. I have tried turning off enabling of the iCloud account, at which point all of my calendars disappear.


    If Calendar Groups are not available in this new version, then I suppose the only thing to do would be to export everything, and re-import into one calendar.

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    I don't recall groups in calendars, but there are no groups now. There are accounts that can have multiple calendars in them, but they don't work like groups in contacts. You still need to share by calendar, you can't share by account.