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i am running snow leopard on the Disk in Bay 1 on my 2004 Mac Pro and awhile back got some great advice about moving my Data (i.e. my Home Folder) over to the Disk in Bay 3 (which is much larger).


i have noticed that this means that i have a "User" folder which shows my Home Folder and then the associated Applications, Desktop, Documents etcetera as sub folders in this Home Folder.


one thing i have noticed whcih seems very weird is that there is a "Hard Drive Name" folder at the same level as the User folder so i have "User" and then next to this is a folder with the name of the hard drive that both of these folders are stored on. if i delete this folder the folder comes back.


since there is no data in this folder does anyone know if this is normal operating procedure or may be not an ideal situation. i find it a tad annoying and a bit odd.



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    You need to post a screenshot of this. Post back if you need directions.

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    There never was a Mac Pro until 2006, the 1,1 model, and that will only run up to Lion.


    There should be /Users on your boot drive, but not on the #3 drive.




    is all you have to and want to have, as you are not moving "/Users" normally


    In fact I find it best  to leave a small default account over on the boot drive just in case and so you can use it plus the


    ~/Library of your home account gets a lot of I/O activity and does best usually when left on an SSD boot drive - otherwise copy it over.


    Accounts / Advanced Options / - your path to home should be there with volume3/.... in there correctly

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    hi grant, hatter.


    thanks so much. i see i mis-spoke and this is in fact a 2006 model.


    i have always had uber hairy issues with MobileMe and now i am going through a torturous set of problem solving steps with mac advanced tech and the iCloud developers related to Contact sync problems. I have also noticed my Notes (also synced via iCloud) were trashed so i had to recover them from Time Machine and restore them and move them to a new software.


    I also happen to notice that my USER ICON when i do an option boot seems to drop off periodically from time to time so that i only see the blank default person here instead of my chosen image.


    lastly, i tried to do some kind of force restart (CMD key i think) which did not complete despite attempting it two times with mac techs. /anyway/ - the image below shows that my HOME FOLDER in bay 3 is also accompanied by a folder with the name of the HARD DRIVE that this folder resides in (the Bay 3 HD name). you can see that the down arrow shows that there is no data in here. if i delete it it comes back.


    i am also including a screenshot of the contents of the home folder on the "OS DRIVE" in bay 1.


    both of these get cloned daily to /internal/ drives in bay 2 (bay 1 is cloned to this) and in bay 4 (bay 3 is cloned to this). then i run external HD backups and time machine backups.




    i think i did the pointing of the home folder correctly when i moved all the data over to the new drive...




    bay 1 OS ONLY.pngbay 3 HOME FOLDER DOCS.png