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i have due to my paranoia many aperture libraries with my images from 14 years! coming from iPhoto I wanted to make certain that I am not losing any of my Pictures so I did a LOT of copying, merging and whatever was possible whilst not comprehending the logic in which Aperture works! I still have problems with that but think I've gotten much better! (At least I hope so )

Now I would want to do housecleaning and build one Aperture (3.4.3) Library with ALL of my Pictures in their highest Resolution! I have many , many Duplicates, Triplicates, quadruples and so on in MANY different Resolutions coming from iPhoto. Btw: i still have an iPhoto 9.3 Library which surely does NOT contain ALL but many of my Pictures from before Aperture! I am importing new photos into Aperture but due to memory problems (residual of strokes I had) I gotconfused of which of my Libraries I should use for importing and therefore I got so many which have the newer/newest Pictures in them! So my problems got even bigger!

I believe I am lost but don't want to give up to get out of my mess! it is a tremendous horror for me to loose (m)any Pictures/memories! Thank God that I am not a professional Photograper anymore! Unfortunately I also have 2 blindspots (located in the occipital part of my "Brain") which make it difficult and exausting for me to read much! That has gotten better but will still take time!


Now to my Question/Hope:


Does anybody have an idea/suggestion how I can clean up and get out of this mess I am having! I am using now an

27" iMac i7 Quadcore 32GB Ram,2TB internal HD, 4 TB external WD Time machine HD plus 4 external HD's with a Total of ~3TB, Max OS Mountain Liopn (10.8.2)! All in all 5 TB Harddisk space plus the 4TB Time machine drive! All of thes have MANY Aperture Libraries of which some have certain solitude Picture collectionsof even collections which I plan not to touch! I believe I am now im the position to be capable to get this work done and think/hope that God gives me the necessary timespan to complete this work! But I am sure that I NEED help in form of ideas/suggestions!


Thanks for reading this! And God bless for any help!



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2 TB internal HD, 8GB Ram,27"Displa
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    to answer the question in the caption of your question: "Where does consolidate look for masters?"


    Aperture will show you the location where it will remove the masters from, if you select the image version in the browser and use the command "File > Show referenced File".

    If this command does not succeed, probably the drive with the referenced files is offline.


    But to be able to help more with the sorting of your libraries, we will need more details about your libraries. Do your libraries reference the images in each other? Aperture libraries referencing masters/originals in iPhoto libraries? Then consolidating will be risky and it would be better to merge the libraries with shared referenced masters.

    But I'd strongly recommend to do not do any major reorganisation without making sure you have a working backup.