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I manage a computer lab of 28 computers and just need SOMETHING that can remotely disable the internet temporarily. I am going out of my mind trying to find something that will work. Its a wireless lab, used by HS students. I have no control over the wireless hub/ "airport"/ whatev settings,  parental controls are not a viable option. ARD seems to have been a bust.



Mac OS X (10.7.3), ARD
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    Sorry, but if you need to continue to have access to the workstations via ARD, as you stated in your other thread on the issue, there is no way to block Internet access on the workstations. If you can't affect the router, there's nothing you can do to block connection to the Internet, at least nothing I can find that couldnt' easily be undone and/or can be done on the fly (that is, without making alterations to preference files and restarting the systems).


    As I suggested in my most recent post in your other thread, set up a different user account on each workstation with the inappropriate applications disabled and then log the workstations into that account for sessions where you do not want the students to be able to use those apps.


    Otherwise, I can't see that there is anything practical that you can do since a management solution such as LANSchool or Mac OS X Server or other non-free solution doesn't appear to be an option for you.




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    Possibility 1:  Set a Proxy server, but put the lab in the exclusion list.  That should stop anything that honors the proxy server settings.


    Possibility 2: Create your own DNS server and configure it so that it does not translate any domain names outside the lab.  Then configure all the Macs to use the lab DNS server.


    It might even be possible to just put in a bogus DNS address as the DNS server on each of the Mac ( - as 10.*.*.* addresses are non-routing this should not go anywhere beyond the router).  In theory Bonjour should still work for talking to in lab stuff (guessing here).

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    at each workstation, you can change the router address to something invalid

         if its set to, change it to

    they will have LAN connectivity, but no route to the internet


    You could push this change with ARD.

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    You could use Parental Controls on each computer to block web-browsing.


    Or set them all to use an invalid default gateway address, they should still all be able to talk to each other on the same network but then would not be able to reach other networks including the Internet.

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    The easiest thing to do is use ARD to set the proxies to a non-existant proxy server (  when you want to disable www.


    There is a template in Send UNIX Command>Templates>Network Setup>Web Proxy


    Replace the last line of the template with these two and send to clients (test one Mac first):


    networksetup -setwebproxy "Wi-Fi" 8080 Off

    networksetup -setsecurewebproxy "Wi-Fi" 8080 Off


    Replace "Wi-Fi" with whatever their active Network conenction is named in System Prefs>Network, as sometimes it has a custom name if Wi-Fi has been retrofitted.


    To turn internet ON, repeat the above with commands to disable proxies..


    networksetup -setsecurewebproxystate "Wi-Fi" off

    networksetup -setwebproxystate "Wi-Fi" off


    You can save these Tasks in the sidebar or in the Send UNIX Command>Templates menu and name them "Internet OFF" & "Internet ON".

    Then in future, you can just Right-click and choose Run Task.


    Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 20.31.01.png