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Let me start off by saying that i have had problems with 4 keyboards; Apple Wireless Keyboard, Onn Wireless Keyboard, Logitech K120 and, Logitech K360. All of these keyboards have had some some of problem, at least in the long run. My first keyboard, obviously the Apple Wireless Keyboard that comes with in the box, was perfectly fine until the spacebar stopped working. I tried just about every solution to make it work, sadly, nothing resolved it. No big, i bought the Onn Keyboard as it was mac compatible. This keyboard was good but the only trouble i found was a delay in key presses, i've read on the internet it was the keyboard's problem. Basically the keyboard sucked so i threw it out. My 3rd Keyboard, the K120, is a wired keyboard. This keyboard lasted me for a long time. Eventually, some keys stopped working, Q, Z, X, are the few i can remember. Now my 4th keyboard, this one is sort of special. This keyboard had problems with the F, Q, U, keys. This keyboard came with problems right out of the box, me not realizing and throwing the receipt the 2nd day after purchase made me keep it and struggle with the problems. Whenever the left shift is pressed, there's a problem with typing a Shift F Q and U, for one f alone toggles the decimal key in the num pad, the q toggles backquote and u toggles f6. When holding shift, the shift key toggles the help key, and takes a lot for the keyboard to register shift F Q U, i literally have to bang it until it works. I've tried switching the usb port it comes from but that does no good. The keyboard works fine if unplugged and replugged, then after 30 seconds or so, starts bugging like described above. I've tried everything, keyremap4macbookpro to remap certain keys here and there to try and make the keyboard function properly. Turns out, the shift toggling the help key shouldn't interfere with shift F toggling. Now, the Logitech keyboards, aren't mac supported, i know this, i'd assume, because at how cheap they are, they'd be generic type keyboards. Sadly, the keyboards had been just a pain in the a**. I don't know if this is my computer hardware problems. As the usb ports work fine, with other things such as charging phones/ipods. Using a 3rd party usb hotspot and connecting other things. Also, some keys in the keyboard, that won't work, work using other keyboards. I'm scared to buy a expensive keyboard because I'm afraid of failure. My question is, is it the keyboards that are failing or my mac? If it's the keyboards, any inexpensive keyboards out there mac compatible?


TL;DR, on my previous 4 keyboards, certains keys stopped working. Blaming it on the keyboard's uncompatibility with Mac, what are some inexpensive keyboards for mac that are compatible?

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