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Hello, First of all I have no experience with setting up servers whatsoever. Below is what I have

- Mac Mini with Mountain Lion Server

- Time Capsule as my router

- Comcast as my service provider


My goal is to set up my MacMini as a sharepoint for files and other data with my other partners.

- I have purchased a domaine name from NetworkSolutions. Does this mean that they are my DNS hosting as well? Not really sure. My biggest question is how to point my DNS to my mac mini server correctly.

1. How do you point the DNS to my mac mini server.

2. I've read somewhere to use the IP address from my mac mini server. The only IP address I see is from my Time Capsule (router). I know what my public IP adress is but I am not sure if that's the one to use. I think once I figure this DNS thing I can figure out the rest.


Thanks - Need lots of help.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)