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I dropped my iPad 2 it now shows half a screen gray and the other half is black with a rolling gray bar.  hel

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    You should probably take your iPad to an Apple Store and let them have a look at it. You could try software fixes, but when you drop the iPad and see behavior like that, its not a good sign.

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    You've jarred the board inside. Anecdotally, some have reported smacking their iPad to jar things back into place.. Can't personally recommend doing that, but it's your device.


    Unfotunately what you're describing is accidental damage and isn't covered by the warranty. Now if it'd started to malfunction without being dropped, that'd be different. Your options for out of warranty repair starts at $249 and goes up I believe. You'd need to talk to your local apple store.

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    I have the same problem.  Could be anything lose inside, like the connectors and etc?  I don't understand why do we need to pay $20 for apple for just chat.  I heard this problem was defect and some people do get email for upgrade, pay little extra.  Any suggestions?