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After installing my first Lion server i can't send emails always have this error:


macmini dovecot[15883]: auth: Error: od[getpwnam_ext](patrick): No record for user


And that correct there is no user patrick but a user patrickm. I have created a user patrickm with a mailaddress patrickm@domain


If i create a user named john with email address john@domain the mail works.!!


So Can someone explane to me why the loginname and the mailaddress schould be the same ? and how i can create aliasses.



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Have you checked your eMail application you are trying to send with? Have a look in the outgoing server configuration. It should have an option for authentication - is there the right user name inserted?

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    The tests I have done where from webmail and mail.app.

    With webmail & mail.app as user i always used patrickm, thats the user I have created.


    I have created a new user davep with emailaddress dave@domain and yes the same error.



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    Hi Patrick,

      I have the same problem. Just installed a Mac mini and can't receive mails from WAN. Can send emails within the LAN.

    Anybody got an answer to this problem?


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    Regarding access from the outside.


    Did you map port 25?

    What do your smtp/mail logs say?

    If you post our hostname, its quite easy for somoene here to check.

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      Thank - you for the reply. I did manage to solve the problem lastnight.

    For me, this error is generated because I never used the shortname when creating my email account.

    Meaning : When you create a login account (at least on the mac mini) you have a shortname and a long name.

    For example, if you create a login account to your mac mini with name John.Doe, and short name 'John' .

    Postfix picked up only the shortname. I noticed in the /varl/log/mail.log references to john@yourdomain.com.

    Dropping my email account and recreating with shortname enabled me to receive in my yahoo account.

    Without this modification I received delivery failure errors.

    Ideally I would like to have an email account called John.doe@ourdomain.com, but I have to investigate if some kind of alias solution is available.

    I'm new to the Mac work, so any advise is appreciated.


    macmini dovecot[15883]: auth: Error: od[getpwnam_ext]: No record for user