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I had a Blackberry. Iphone has way better internet access and camera. But it can't do the simplest things. It is truly a stupid phone. I don't understand why it is so popular. It resurrected over 3,000 old deleted e-mails from my AOL account and now I have to delete them one at a time? When I get an e-mail and the phone is locked I don't hear a ringtone. There is no way to have vibrate and tone for e-mail notification? ***?! I am getting ready to return this dumb phone.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Rikoshaprl wrote:


    When I get an e-mail and the phone is locked I don't hear a ringtone.


    settings>sounds>sounds and vibration patterns>set as desired.

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    The phone is a smartphone. The new owner not so much.


    Why do you have 3,000 emails on your email account? Any POP account will download all emails if that is how you have it setup. I can delete multiple emails with my IMAP account, not sure about a POP account.


    My phone rings and vibrates when in the lock screen unless DoNot Disturb is turned on. Have you checked? Read the manual?

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    Why start a new thread regarding the email?  As for your other complaint, you can do what you want... read the manual.


    You think you learned the BB in a few days?  More likley several months.  Try the iPhone (or Android) for a while... you'll find out why RIM was/is on the brink of shutting down.

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    Yes, why do I have 3,000 e-mails deleted e-mails in my in box. I didn't have them on my Blackberry. Blackberry did not download them whit I first got it. I don't have them on my computer. Why would Apple resurrect them and then make it near impossible to delete them. I have done research and it happens to many folks. No I don't have "do not disturb" on. You are the stupid one Deggie. If you know something to help just say it. Read the manual is not an answer to my question. Blackberry's biggest flaw was the mouse.

    These are simple issues that should not take delving into the manual to fix.

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    RIM uses a specialize mail server for the BlackBerry (Google is now setting up the same type of system) which is why you did not have the same issue. Doesn't appear that your research was very thorough. Clean up the email via direct contact with the AOL message system via your computer.