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I didn't add anything new, just restarted the computer and the light flashed. I can hold the on button down for 7 flashes to shut it down, otherwise there's nothing I see relevant about the flashing. There are no tones.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    I really appreciate the help here, I reset the memory modules, pulled out the battery to reset it, reset the SMC and tried to restart the computer with minimal input of devices, but still nothing. RAM has to be re-seated in the exact slots doesn't it?

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    Does anyone know the current cost for phone tech support?

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    Yikes, looks like $49...



    RAM needs to be installed in opposing Pairs.

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    The incident cost are only $20, which really made my mood skyrocket. Sadly, after telling them the details, they told me they think its the video card, which will probably cost $500 plus, which took the skyrocket out of mood again. Plus, because I live in an isolated area, I get to pack the Mac which probably weighs about 70 pounds, with 2 terabyte additional drive, and head for the big city. Which is Grand Rapids. The most Republican City in all of the USA. They actually didn't even charge for my incident. I think they felt sorry for me. I could buy another computer for the price of a NVIDIA. I appreciate you guys being here. In my darkest moments, coming here gave me hope for an answer. It wasn't what I'd have chosen as the answer, but now I can move on.

    later guys.


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    The article you first looked at is correct.


    Flashes OR Beeps indicate the same thing. Not enough memory is working. (The Macbooks tend to beep, and the Mac Pros tend to flash silently.)


    In these Macs, it is not just corrosions on the DIMMs, it is DIMM FAILURE. Those modules With the pairing you have now are not working, and you will need some working ones to make progress.


    If you have several, you could drop back to a single pair on the top board, and shuffle them around in a deterministic way to see if there is one pair that works together.




    An upgrade to your display card is the Apple-firmware 5770 (US$250) and it works in all models of Mac Pro. Drivers are in 10.6.5 and later.


    But you cannot tell whether the display card has failed until your Mac CHIMES, to indicate it has passed the Power-On Self Test. Yours is stuck in the flashing power light.

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    This really scares the **** out of me. If the professionals analyzing my scenario reading exactly what you and BDAqua have, and they think its the graphics card. They'll learn their mistake if they replace the graphics card first. Is there any way to refresh memory, other than replace? I have 4GB and don't remember how much they were. I noticed these are made in China, are they all? I would rather pay more for memory made in the USA if we even make any here. American companies probably make everything in China. How would you characterize Apple Tech support? Are they efficient? When taking the computer in, its by appointment, so that would indicate they repair while you wait right?

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,669 points)

    First-line Tech support folks get a screen with a list of articles, possible problems, and a statistical analysis of what problems have been seen in a large number of service visits for this model Mac. It would show that graphics card failure is a common failure, so that might cause them to blurt that out to you as a plausible diagnosis.


    Technicians who actually put thier hands on these Macs get a service manual with flowcharts for each of a dozen or more symptoms. The flowchart says, follow theses steps, in this order, and then replace this module. Number one is always observe the CHIME, because nothing else is conclusive until it has passed its internal tests, and that is signalled by the chime.


    Check the sizes of your modules. You may have four 1GB modules. If that is the case, you can try all pairings in hopes of getting a pair that works. There are only a few choices.


    If you have modules A, B, C, D


    A is currectly paired with B and that does not work. so try A + C, and A + D


    B is currently paired with A and does not work, so try B + C and B + D


    C is currently paired with D and does not work, but you have tried all other combos above.


    D is currently paired with C and does not work, but you have tried all other combos above.


    Run up to the correct four trials and you will have tried every combination, since A with C is the same as C with A.

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    These are cheap but highest quality and if you have Amazon Prime, free 2nd day

    2x2GB FBDIMM DDR2 667MHz @ $33


    Newer FBDIMMs also run cooler but in any case they should be below 70*C, good to always boost the fans by 300 rpm to help air flow.


    The Apple 5770 requires 10.6.5+ and $240? or there are good support and some options like this GT120 $109-139 from MacVidCards


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    I owe you guys bigtime. I bought 8GB of the memory on sale, thanks to The Hatter, and felt absolutely weak with relief to learn the logic of Grant Bennet-Alder's chime syndrome. BDAqua was absolute in his assesment but after I reseated the memory I thought I could check it off the possiblity list, however, after the realization that memory can be defective, this became so much an easier issue. I want to thank you people, I doubt we'll ever meet, but if we do, I'm buying the beer, or whatever you techie's use to relax. Thanks so much. I won't have the memory until the 7th, but after I install it I'll give you a report.

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    Grant Bennet-Alder;

      I tried the process of elimination of memory and nothing worked. I hope this doesn't change your opinion of the issue I'm having. Its possible all the memory is gone. What is the worst enemy of memory, is it heat? Thanks for taking time with me on this issue.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,669 points)

    What is the worst enemy of memory, is it heat?

    Yes, exactly. The Mac Pro uses a lower airflow than some others to achieve a lower sound output. 2008 and previous Mac Pro modules require a 3-D heatsink to spread and carry away that heat.

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    Are there signs to show the memory is suffering, I had zero warning before the computer wouldn't start. I want to try to avoid this situation if possible.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,669 points)

    The Mac Pro uses Error Correction Code Memory. Eight additional syndrome bits are generated and stored with each 64-bit word in RAM. When read back, enough information can be gleaned from those bits to determine whether a single-bit error has occurred, which bit is in error, and whether a double-bit error has occurred.


    Single-bit errors are corrected on the fly. But they are often noted in:

    About This Mac > ( More Info ) > Memory


    If you look there from time-to-time, any module listed at other than its known size (half-size is common) or whose status is other than OK is seeing errors.


    When a double-bit error occurs, the Mac Pro halts on a Kernel Panic, cause = Machine Check, and the extended information lists uncorrected error. This is intentional behavior, to keep the error from being propagated into your data.

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