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with so many options to access HDD content via cloud available out there, I am confused which one I would need.


Here is what I want...


  • freedom from attaching portable hdds (including my TM backup drive) to the USB ports.
  • access to the contents on portable hdds via WIFI, from multiple devices.."simultaneously"
  • be able to play multimedia content even of non native formats from my mac just the way i would if i attached the hdd directly to my mac.
  • being able to take wireless TM backups
  • AND, being able to connect multiple portable HDDs and not just one. if it were a question of using just one, I would had long back purchased a NAS drive.


what would be an added advantage...

  • being able to access the content via the internet from my ios devices when i am away from my home.


what i have at my disposal...

  • Airport express 2nd gen with a free Lan port.
  • an ac powered USB hub with 4 free ports
  • 3 portable hdds... with one of them being a TM backup drive.



please tell me what is my best option?


"out of the box" solutions are welcome.



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