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OK, my Safari install crashed. I managed to replace it with one from a Snow Leopard drive. Until yesterday, when I had to reinstall 10.7 for other reasons. Ran all software updates. Then Safari refused to open. - FYI, I am just setting the stage here.

I went to the Support site here (using a different browser), searched Downloads, could NOT find any reference to a Safari download for Lion or OS 10.7.5.

It has gone totally missing.


Got on an Apple Support call, they could NOT find it.

Only suggestion was a 10.7.2 Combo updater...

which meant a total reinstall of the OS again to run that updater FIRST before completing the install.


This should NOT be. Safari for Snow Leopard, 5.1.7, exists separately. WON'T work in Lion.

Safari for Mountain Lion exists separately, and of course it won't work in Lion.


I searched the web, nothing useful, and one place that supposedly had it had the link closed.


DO NOT tell me to update to Mountain Lion, I cannot. Even though my computer as configued will run it Apple will not firmware update the kernel to 64-bit.


Does ANYONE know of a link to a proper Safari 5.1.7 OR 6.0 for Lion?


And further, why does one NOT exist in Downloads?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Mine