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A couple weeks ago I started getting notices saying that my startup disk was almost full, then saying that my startup disk was full. I've been deleting applications, pictures, and documents like crazy trying to free up space ever since but nothing seems to work, the notices keep coming back. My computer also started quitting safari while I was using it, and not letting me open applications like skype.


After some online searching about full startup disks I decided that the thing to do was to order an external hard drive, that way I would free up tons of memory on my laptop aka no more space issues. Then today, I got more notices (as usual) and it quit applications on me several times so I did some tinkering around on my laptop and I found my startup disk, I had it "verify" itself to make sure it was working properly (it thinks it is) and apparently I have over 4 GB left empty! If things like Safari and skype are both under 100MB so why would they be too big??


I canceled my order on the external harddrive because now I am not sure whether this is actually a storage space problem. Could it be a virus? How do I fix this so that I can start using the internet as I please and skyping!


To add a frustration factor, I am currently living in France, and while I speak basic French fluently I can barely understand the simplest tech instructions in English, reaaallly would prefer to not try explaining all of this to a french Apple techie. Also the closest Apple store is in Paris, a little under 2 hours away. I'll go if I must but if there is a way I can resolve this at home and in English that would be wonderful!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)