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I supposedly deleted itunes 11 (according to the insrtuctions of a fellow on here) and downloaded and installed itunes 10.7. Now when I click on the itunes icon I get: 'the file itunes library.itl can not be read because it was created by a nwere version of itunes. would you like to downlaod it now?'

I seriously need help with this, if someone out there would be kind enough to advise me.

Thank you!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Here are the Stages and Steps: For OS X only. (have no idea for PC users). Thank you to Bogoss on MacForums, whoever you are.


    Stage 1.

    Note: Any changes you have made to your music files since you used last used version 10 will be lost but any purchasses you have made in the time since can be downloaded again if you can't find those purchasses in your media folder. If recently made playlists are of particular importance you could export the lists to somewhere for later.


    1. Back up your iTunes Folder(s) just incase

    2. Download these apps 1. AppZapper from http://appzapper.com (the free version will do). 2. Pacifist fromhttp://www.charlessoft.com.

    3. Download iTunes 10.7 (last version before 11). Check your download folder, it might still be there. You can also get it from :http://appldnld.apple.com/iTunes10/0...iTunes10.7.dmg

    4. Using AppZapper simply uninstall itunes 11. Before you drag the iTunes icon from the Application folder to the window you will need to open the preferences of AppZapper and deselect the tick next to "Keep Apple applications safe"

    5. Open the 10.7 dmg file, you will see the pkg file(usally you would double click it to install), but now, this time drag it out somewhere, eg desktop.

    6. Open Pacifist

    7 drag the pkg iTunes 10.7 file to pacifist and then click install from the menu bar

    8, during installation, click replace everytime a window pops up.

    9. installation finished, iTunes 10.7 is back!

    10. Don't open it yet!!!!


    Stage 2.

    See this video that explains the pocess here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXKZ2IBNsIA


    1. In FINDER - go to your iTunes Folder in the iTunes Folder.

    2. Within it, open the folder called Previous iTunes Libraries.

    3. Identify the most recent backup. It has the date at the end.

    4. Duplicate it. Move it to the desktop.

    5. Rename it as iTunes Library.itl. Basically remove the date from the file name.

    6. Go back to your iTunes Folder and rename the file there which is already named iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library.itl.old.

    7. Now move the iTunes Library.itl file from your desktop to this location.

    8. Now open iTunes 10.7. If it can't find your iTunes library, select choose library and navigate the application to the new iTunes Library.itl file you created.

    9. Breath sigh of relief, you're done!