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Okay, I have a 120gb iPod classic that is manually controlled and not synced with my iTunes library. Everytime I want to add new music to it these days I have to take other albums/songs off to make room for the new stuff. It's getting quite irritating so I read up on the advantages of converting the songs to 128 AAC. It sounds like this would free up considerable space on my device without vastly compromising the quality of my files. Only when I check the box, select 128kbps AAC and hit "apply", nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


Not sure what generation iPod I have but I think I bought it in 2009. The software it has installed is version 2.0.1. I have a brand new iMac with OS X 10.8.2 and iTunes is version 11.0.2. I read elsewhere that it might have something to do with the USB cable, but the cable I use is the one supplied from Apple with the iPod.


Any suggestions are appreciated.