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I was given a refurbished 08 model MacBook for Christmas.  I backed up my old MacBook (also 08 version) to a Seagate external drive.  When I went to transfer everything to the new MacBook, I could not access my photos (most important).  I have always uploaded my pictures to iPhoto, and apparently, I must have it on my new computer to view the pictures. 


I was going to download iPhoto from the App Store, but this computer does not support the current version that is available.  The version that would work is no longer available through Apple.


The only place that I can find the pictures on my Seagate drive is in an iPhoto Library.  Are there any other options for accessing my photos on the new computer?  I still have my old computer, if I need to do something with that first.  Is there a way to transfer iPhoto (and all of the iWorks programs) from the old computer?


Thanks for your help!

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    Use the disks that came with your old MacBook to reinstall iPhoto on the refurbished MacBook.  It may look like one of these which are separate disks for installed software:



    If you don't have those disks you can purchase a copy of the iLife 09 disc from a 3rd party retailer like

    Amazon.com: iLife 09 which should be compatilbe with your Macbook - check here:  iLife '09: System requirements



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    Thank you.  I should have that disc around here somewhere. 


    I was able to view them through Preview, so there has to be a way around it.  I know I have an Aperture.  It was installed on the other computer, too.  I just used iPhoto as my default.  Do you think it would be worth putting Aperture on the new computer?  Would I be able to view the pictures from the iPhoto Library folder?


    Thanks, again!

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    If your iPhoto and Aperture versions are the latest Aperture can use your iPhoto library as if it were one of it's own.  If Aperture is an older version you'll have to create your own Aperture library and import photos from your iPhoto library.  Be sure to make a backup of you iPhoto library before proceeding just in case.