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I have set up Mail on iMac to link to Hotmail. If I delete an email in Mail, can it be deleted in Hotmail at the same time? I don't want emails to delete from Hotmail when downloaded to my iMac though, as I'd like to be able to access the emails in Hotmail when away from home. I just want my Mac Mail inbox to sync directly with my Hotmail inbox so that they are both the same. I don't seem to have a problem doing this on my iPhone.

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    Set "Leave the Messages on server after download" on the Mail preferences.

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    Thanks Walter. That solves one half of the problem (keeping emails in Hotmail). What I am stuck with now is how, if I download and read/delete an email in Mail, how do I get Hotmail to recognise this? I can manage that from my iPhone (which I presume is an imap setting), but think the problem is that on Mail, its a POP account. Any ideas? Thanks

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    You need to check two things:

    1. Log in to your hotmail account and check settings on it. Check if hotmail allow mail clients to remove/delete messages from server.

    2. Open mail preferences->go to "Accounts"->Select your hotmail account->Check "mailbox behaviors" and check settings for "Trash". Make sure - if this option is presented - that "Store deleted messages on the server" is not selected.


    Make sure to delete messeges from mail trash too.

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    Hi JM2013.

    I do not think Hotmail support IMAP.  Therefore even on your iPhone it will have not an imap account.

    I am not sure if you can sync Hotmail with iCloud.

    Read here https://discussions.apple.com/message/11314439#11314439