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Hi all,


I use Pages (version 4.3) on my Mac to write long, formatted documents. When on the go, I use Pages for iPad to work on those files (they sit on Dropbox for ubiquitous access). I should be very happy with this set up, except  for this annoying phenomenon:

In iOS Pages, the list of paragraph styles, which I have careflully trimmed down to the exact ones that I need and have built for my own purposes, gets cluttered with a number of new styles (Headings1, Body, & other generic stuff). When I export the document back in Pages for Mac OS X, either through iCloud or through the export function of Pages for iPad, these styles remain, and the option to delete them is deactivated. So each time I do the back & forth between iOS and Mac OS X, I am adding 3 or 4 new styles to the list.


To get rid of those, either I have to rebuild a document from my initial template, or I only copy-paste the parts that i changed, or I just change the names of the styles to push them down the list. The 2 first solutions defeat the purpose of having an integrated platform between my mac and my iPad, and the 3rd one is makes it all ugly, and it's still some work each time.


Any suggestions to solve this ?


(My macbook runs Lion and is not eligible for upgrade to Mountain Lion)




iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, Macbook 2007 - OS X 10.7.5