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With my iMac and MBP, I'm able to type or dictate in queries on a single, undivided query line.


However, on the iPad Mini (and iPod Touch), the query line is divided in half. The left side is for URLs, while the right side is for web searches, as from Google. However, I don't care for the query line that's in two sections; I like the single, undivided line. Is this something that's going to be updated in a future IOS version, or is this something that I can fix right now?


PS - I noticed that Chrome on my iPad Mini comes up with an undivided line, much like my iMac and MBP. Is there a way to make Chrome my default browser?

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    The terms of service of this (and other Apple Support Communities) prohibit us Apple users from speculating on what Apple may or may not do in the future.


    The single query line used on Apple notebooks and desktops is a fairly recent change to Safari.  Previously, the query line looked much as it does today in iOS.

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    Fair enough. I can say that the iPad Mini's use of a single query line is most effective when used with Chrome.


    1. You can dictate a query without any typing - all the more crucial with a mobile device.

    2. A single query line is more intuitive and simpler to use.


    Is there a way to import my bookmarks folder into Chrome?

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    You are probably best to do it on the computer if you have a GMail account and let it sync over to the iPad. Using Chrome on your Mac you can import the Safari Bookmarks in Chrome/Preferences and click on the User/Import Bookmarks and Settings. You will need to be logged into your Gmail account. Chrome sync settings are set in Settings/Sign In/Advanced Sync Settings. Then sign into your Google account on the iPad's Chrome/Settings/Google Account. Properly setup Tabs and Bookmarks will sync back and forth between the computers and iOS devices similar to how Safari syncs.

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    My error. I exported bookmarks via a desktop sync, but didn't realize (until now) that these bookmarks are located in Chrome/Bookmarks/Desktop Bookmarks. All the URLs are there, though of course they're not pulldown bookmarks like your desktop.


    Now, I have access to all my bookmarks - and I can use voice queries and an undivided URL/search line - just like my desktop Mac.