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The URL released 84 pretrial documents won't load in Safari.

I get a warning.  I hit 'Continue', but Safari refuses to continue; I'm stuck in a loop.


Safari shows the root cert, intermediate cert, and www.rmda.army.mil cert are all valid.  I guessed the warning is because the root cert (DoD Root CA 2) by default isn't trusted. Well, except it is trusted. Like common root certs, including the GTE root for this (Apple's) website, it's set to Trust: "Use System Defaults".  So what is going on?


I found the URL here: Bradley Manning Says He Leaked Classified Info To 'Spark A Domestic Debate'.


If I download the page with wget, and add

     <base href="https://www.rmda.army.mil/foia/FOIA_ReadingRoom/" target="_blank">

to the html document that is downloaded, I can view that document, but the documents it points to fail to load, exhibiting the same behavior.


(An alternate source for the documents, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2013/feb/27/bradley-manning-wikileak s doesn't work either.)



Seriously, ***?  The one pop-up says BOTH: "The certificate for this website is invalid." AND "This certificate is valid" - both are referring to www.rmda.army.mil's cert:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.51.27 AM.png

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