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I just updated to the newest version of Pages (1.7.1) on my iPad 2 and it's been crashing daily ever since, deleting the editing done during the last hour or so. When I download the synced file from iCloud it only contains a file that has overwritten the pre-crash file and thus is useless.

I've rebooted and wiped the iPad and reinstalled Pages. So my questions are:


-how do I prevent it from crashing?

-Can you track older versions from iCloud like you can with Pages on laptops (I know you can when you wipe it, but the files are too old as they are only saved once a day)?

-can you increase the frequency of automatic backups/change the continuous saving (so that it doesn't overwrite the crashed file)?



iPad 2, iOS 6.1.2, Pages v1.7.1
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    I dont have any answers for you, but I do have a suggestion. With the ipad, any changes are supposed to be saved instantly, so there is no backup timing, it is just always backed up. That being said, it's obviously not working that way for you. Until it's resolved, I would recommend that when you open a document, you save it as another name (Mydocument becomes mydocument2, etc). This way, if it crashes, the file won't be overwritten by the old version, as that will have a different name. I would probably also exit out of the document briefly every 45 minutes or so, and open another one, then go back in. Hopefully this will trigger a reset on the 'clock' so it doesn't keep crashing.


    I know that Apple had some problems with icloud over the weekend. I'm ot sure what they were, but possibly iWork syncing was one of them?

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    thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it our. The app crashes when i exit one document to look at another, so what I'm doing right now is to make a backup manually before exiting. Not a very smooth solution, but at least I don't have to do the same work twice.