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I recently had a problem with my imac which kept on craching and freezing so I made an appointment with apple and gave it in.  I have a time capsule which regularly backs up everything (or so to speak I thought it did) so before I gave in my imac I made sure I did a last back up and my time capsule even said last back made (Date & Time).  Apple had erased everything of my hard drive and gave me back my imac and everything was reset as a brand new computer, when I got home I couldnt retrieve any data, photos e.t.c. so I rang apple support which took hours and found out that apparently my time machine has been faulty as nothing has been stored although it said it had.  I now am really angry and upset as I have over 10 years of pictures that were stored and now lost.  I want to know now is there a way possible I can retrieve this all back once it has been erased from my hard drive.  I know it seems crazy but I see this on tv alot where deleted files from hard drives can be restored.  If anyone can help it would be greatful I am so upset losing all this.!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)