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Mail 6.2 on my new iMac handles mail OK with one exception.  Mail inserts my husband's name instead of mine on outgoing emails. In Mail>Preferences>Accounts it displays my husband's name as the "Full Name", grayed out so it cannot be changed.


When I log in to iCould.com, iCloud.com has my name right.  System Preferences>iCloud has my name right.  But Mail insist on using my husband's name.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Same problem... Can't help.

    Anybody to help us?

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    Found a solution in the "More like this" sidebar.  First, logon to www.iCloud.com and open the Mail window in the iCould window.  At the upper right (I think) is a gear icon, which gets you to preferences.  (My iCloud account had my name right.)  In the Mail preferences there, change "Full Name" to the correct name.


    It may take a few minutes for the Mail program to catch up to the change.  I quit Mail and then restarted it.  Then checked Mail>Preferences>Accounts and it had my correct name.  Then start a new Mail message and go to the pulldown menu for From, and select your correct "From".


    I had an additional problem in that my Contacts had my husband identified as "Me".  Had to delete that card, then select my card and from the "Card" pulldown, select "Make this my card".  Then reenter my husband's data on another card.  Safari's Autofill draws info from the "Me" card in Contacts, so if this is wrong, you will want to fix it too.