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Straightforward question:


Say you have the BRAND NEW 2013 27" iMac


Say you have TWO of the 2013 brand new, thunderbolt 27" external monitors.


YES you can plug in both the monitors, giving you "three displays"




Can you run this as THREE LOGICAL DISPLAYS.


So, you can move your mouse pointer completely from monitor A to B to C


So what I mean is NOT using mirroring in any combination.  Three full logical screens?


Is this actually possible?


Has anyone DONE IT and can supply a PHOTO?


Apple DOES NOT answer this question anywhere.


Pls do not answer unless you know the difference between mirrored and logical screens, thanks!


Yes, it says everywhere on the Apple web site you can connect "two external displays".  No big deal.


Can you actually have three LOGICAL displays (move your mouse pointer completely from monitor A to B to C, the content  of all three screens is completely different).


This is a straightforward question that I have never seen decisively answered.  Thanks for any info.