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Hi!!!I'm Niccolò, from Italy, I've lost my iphone 4 and i'm sure that someone  have found it cause he changed the psw of my apple id a few days ago. I've not configured icloud so i can't manage to find it by myself but i've done the accusation at the police station. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO!!! THE POLICEMAN SAY THAT I'VE NO CHANCE TO REFOUND IT EVEN IF I GAVE THEM MY IMEI CODE. PLEASE HELP

iPhone 4
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    Sorry, there is no way to locate your phone. Change all of your passwords.

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    To others reading this thread:

    Set up "Find my iPhone" right away.  Before you lose your iPhone.


    It was really convenient for me.  Even though it turned out the iPhone was just behind a cushion in my living room chair.

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    call your provider and tell them the iemi nuber at least you will kill the phone next one you get sign into icloud activate find my iphone and you should get it back in theory


    At least the thief wont be able to use it as a phone