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Using new iMac and LaCie raid thunderbolt external drive . Aperture library is stored on the external drive - working fine until today. Now a message to check FILE PERMISSIONS - have done this several times, as well as other suggestions (rebuild etc.)_ and the library, as well as the application stored on the imac still will not open. Suggestions, please!  I have checked sharing and permissions - they are read and write (except for everyone, and can't seem to change this anyway).  Oops - just noticed right under SHARING AND PERMISSIONS it says YOU CAN ONLY READ - but my name and staff listings say READ AND WRITE. Everyone says READ ONLY.  Even unlocking the page, the sharing and permissions section is grayed out, and unable to change anything on it.

THANKS for all suggestions.  This panel is for the LaCie hard drive, where the Aperture library is stored.

iMac, iOS 5.0.1