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I would like to create a map using Gogle Earth or Google maps etc. for inclusion in a IMovie project, I need the map to be larger than those available in iMovie

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Open the map in your computer browser, then take a screen shot (shift+command+3), edit the screen shot then import it into iMovie. 

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    Hi Eric thanks for your reply, great help. Is it poss to animate a route on the screen shot? ust a thought,


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    No, but maybe this link can help you, http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/imovie_09_stone.html

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    Hi Mike,


    Although a little cumbersome, there is a way to animate a route using Preview and iMovie (no other programs required).


    • Open your screenshot (as advised by Eric) in Preview (the standard photo preview app in Mac OS X)
    • In the Preview menu select File > Duplicate - a copy will be placed on the Desktop
    • Open the duplicate and select Tools > Annotate ⇒ Line
    • Select a colour (say, red) for the line from the Colour Palette (it has a drop-down colour menu)
    • Select a width for the line from the drop-down Line Width menu (it's to the right of the Colour menu)
    • Click on the start point on the map and drag to the end point - you may have to do this in several stages
    • The coloured line will now appear along the route you've selected
    • Save the duplicate (File > Save)


    You will now have 2 identical images, but with one showing the coloured route line.


    • In iMovie, with your project open, drag both images to the timeline (with the lined duplicate following the original image)
    • The next step is to add a Wipe transition between the 2 images
    • If the route line is basically running horizontally (from left to right, or vice versa), choose either Wipe Left or Wipe Right
    • If the route line is basically running in a vertical direction (top to bottom, or vice versa), choose either Wipe Up or Wipe Down
    • Adjust the duration of the 2 images and also the duration of the Wipe transition (a 3 to 4 second wipe is ideal)


    When played back, the coloured line will appear to move along the route, depending on which transition you've used. You may have to fiddle with the timing in order to get the desired effect.


    Using this technique, by creating other duplicates and adding extra lines, it's possible to set up a route with directional changes. The trick is to copy the duplicate again after adding the line in Preview. Then on this next copy, you can extend the line to the next destination. Continue this process for other sections of the route. In iMovie, after inserting the new images, select the most appropriate Wipe transition to "uncover" the new line (or lines).


    Hope all this makes sense! It is fiddly, but can work if a little care is taken.


    TIP: It will be best if the images are imported to iPhoto before being used in iMovie. If you later move the images from the Desktop, iMovie will not be able to locate them, but you will be unlikely to move them from iPhoto.




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    Forgot to mention that when inserting the images into the timeline you will need to ensure that the Ken Burns effect is turned off. Of course, you may have already set the preference in Project Properties to Fit (File > Project Properties). If not, click on the small gear icon on each clip and select Cropping, Ken Burns & Rotation. In the Viewer at the top left select Fit.


    Here's a link to a test project I've uploaded to YouTube:





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    Just to add to my previous posts -


    When inserting a transition in iMovie there is a restriction on the duration of the transition in relation to the clips on either side of it. Clips can't be less than half the transition's duration after applying the transition. For example, in the video I've posted to YouTube (see link above), each clip has been shortened to approximately 2 seconds (after applying the transition) and the transitions are each approximately 4 seconds. The clips were originally 4 seconds also, but 2 seconds has been used by the transition, being half the transition's duration.


    This restriction creates an apparent "pause" between each of the images in the video as the wipe is displaying - similar to a cross dissolve, but with parts of both images appearing as one image. So, if you want to make the wipe transition appear longer on screen (thus making the route line run slower), the images either side will also need to be of a longer duration. This causes the apparent "pause" to stay on screen longer. So when changing the route direction, or moving to the next point, there will be a delay before the next line starts "moving".


    If your preference is for the line to run continuously (without any delay) as it changes direction or moves to the next point in the route, it will be necessary to do the following:


    • Create the full sequence in a new project (comprising the map images and the Wipe transitions)
    • Adjust the timing of clips and transitions such that the speed of the "moving" line is to your liking
    • Export the project to the Desktop (or your preferred location) using Share > Export Movie (choose the largest available size/resolution)
    • Import the shared movie to an Event in iMovie (File > Import ⇒ Movies)
    • Drag the newly imported movie from the Event to your main project and drop it to the desired location in the timeline
    • Delete the sections where the "pause" occurs between each new line in the route, so that the line appears to run continuously


    To delete sections, click and drag across the clip to highlight a section to be removed. Now right-click (or Control-click) within the yellow frame and select "Delete Selection" from the pop-up menu. The full route line will now appear to run seamlessly from start to finish, with no pauses between each section.


    I've posted my trimmed version on YouTube here: