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The loss - post Logic 7 - of independently lockable Floating Windows is still a massive workflow problem.


Consider the following situation:


1 - You want to compile a lead sheet/arrangement from an audio track in the Arrange. I set up a Screen set with a Score Editor window open on the part of the Score I am working on. And on the right half of the screen is the arrange with the track that I am working on.


I want to be able to click on the track, listen to a part of the audio and then make changes to my Score Editor (clicking back and forth without windows changing as possible in Logic7).


I have de- linked all links as much as possible and lock the screen set.
Also NB: de select Catch in Settings>General>Catch
This is the start ( you may need to click on image to see the whole picture):



Problem: if you click on a point of the audio on the right hand part of the screen ( ie to listen to another section of the audio)
the Score Editor disappears completely, because... since Logic 7 you can no longer have a Locked Floating window:



Can anyone suggest a workaround, or perhaps I am missing something?