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Recently my iWork apps have started to hang on startup.  Once I open them they simply start reporting that they are Not Responding.  I don't get to any screen and just have to right click and do a Force Quit.


I know that's not much info but it's all I have to work with right now as I don't know exactly when the issue started.  I don't use Pages and Numbers that often.


Any ideas as to what might be causing this or is it just me?


I also noticed this is happening on my brand new MacBook Pro also.  It's a new system with very few apps installed and less than 40 hours on time.




Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi Richard,


    Have you tried launching the applications from a different user account? If they behave well there, it's a strong indication that the issue lies in the applications Preferences files in your main account. The cure is to remove those files and let Numbers build a new, clean, set.


    Quit Numbers, then, in Finder, press and hold the option key as you go to the Go menu and choose Library. Then follow the path below:


    Library > Preferences


    Select and delete the file com.apple.iWork.Numbers.plist


    Relaunch Numbers.




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    I created a new user and logged in as that person.  Numbers came right up and behaved normally so I went to Library > Prefrences and deleted all of the com.apple.iWork.* files since I'm having this issue in all iWork apps.  I then also went to Library > Caches and deleted the com.apple.iWork.* files there also.  Everything works on the new user account by my main account still won't launch numbers without it hanging.



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    I've found that if I log out of iCloud I can run the iWork apps fine but as soon as I log back in they start hanging again.

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    Ok so I'm not sure what is going on but I found this discussion and it helped me.  It seems that syncing Documents and Data somehow is hanging iWork apps.


    If anyone understands why this is I'd love to know,