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Paul Cuciti Level 2 Level 2 (385 points)

I recently had to revive an old project in FCS. There were several Livetype-generated titles included, but these did not relink - even though I can see them in a folder on the drive. Do I need to install Livetype in order for the titles to work? (I haven't had LT installed in quite a while)




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    Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,835 points)

    Can't hurt to install it from a FCS2 disk, the app is pretty small and you already have the media files. You just need to go into LT's Preferences and point it to them.


    I have LT on top of an FCS 3 installation because I have so many projects that use it. Works fine.

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    Paul Cuciti Level 2 Level 2 (385 points)

    Thanks, Nick. I probably will do that. I guess I was curious anyway about the need. I was surprised that FCP did not link...or even prompt me to link to the ipr files.