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I am from Australia, Victoria (Melbourne).


I bought a Iphone 5 online through ebay, it was a cracked iphone 5.. The previous owner had it from Vodaphone (a contract).


Would I be able to walk into Apple store and pay AUD270 and get a new iphone5? (giving them the cracked one).


I do not have the box and all. Just the Iphone itself.


Do I need to real owner consent or anything like this?


Kindly advise.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    "Do I need to real owner consent"

    Your first comment is that it's your iPhone.  Now, you mention the "real owner".  So, you hsve a roken, stolen iPhone, and you want us to assist you?  Regardless, if you want to explore the idea of getting a replacement iPhone, you should speak directly with Apple.

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    Because I bought it online. On vodaphone records. It will still be shown as the owner (guy with contract) as the owner. Why do you jump to the conclusion that it was stolen? Shallow minded.

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    If you bought the phone, you own it.

    The name on the contract with the wireless carrier is irrelevant.

    Apple does not care about the status of the wireless contract or who's name is on it.


    Stop making idiotic statements about the "real owner".


    If the device is damaged and needs to be replaced, take it to Apple and get it replaced.