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    buxnaapple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seriously considering to send my iPhone in Munich, to the apple store to replace it. Just moving around the routers bcs my i5 cant see any wifi network from 4 m distance :((

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    pao2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,


    I have friends who owned iP5's before they have this issue either no signal, weak signal, can't remember wifi, cant search wifi, slow streaming & 2 meters far away from the router no signal, all this are known of them before but after installing ( I can't say exact word here cause its prohibited to apple) i mean the Evasion team, (know what i mean) try it maybe this would be your solution for all this issues


    for users cant understand what evasion team is email me so i can explain it with you guys,

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    mine either 2.4 or 5 its working

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    After weeks and weeks of watching this thread, I finally decided to go to the Apple Store for a new phone.   Of course the Genius Bar guy said "This is the first I've heard of this issue".   I had printed out the last page of this thread, showing the post/view counts, and showed it to him, and he said twice "You can search for any issue online and find people who have any problem".   I replied "With all due respect, there are 700,000+ views on this thread, so I think you are well aware of the issue".


    He tinkered with my phone for about 1 minute, then said "we will replace it".   Funny how quickly he agreed to do so, for an issue he'd never heard of before.


    I came home, restored from iTunes, applied the 6.1.2 update, THEN connected to wifi.   It connected immediately, all the way across the house from my router.   I was NEVER able to connect with the old phone if I was more than 10-15 feet from the router.   The wifi connection on the new phone has remained strong for the last hour.


    The model number of the new phone is ND097LL/A.   I think my old phone started with "MD".


    This is ABSOLUTELY a hardware issue.   Go get your phone replaced.

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    Watch the replacement iPhones. If you're fortunate the problem won't repeat. Many, as you probably read in this long thread of posts, have had to replace the iPhone 5 a few times before getting one without connection issues.


    I've had my replacement for about a month. Twice unfortunately, I had connection problems. First time after about 3 weeks. The first time it wouldn't connect, turning off the wifi on the iPhone and restarting it was all it took.

    Last night, the second time it's occurred, I tried everything and after 3 reboots of the iPhone, and resetting the network it finally started working again. Keep in mind, all the while I had my husband's 4s testing it alongside my iPhone 5 and his never had a connection issue.


    Please note, I'm sittting 5 feet from the router.


    I really don't want to have to call Apple again. Please please let it be a fluke and it doesn't repeat. I don't want to deal with Apple's denial, or the Apple Store reminding me it was a 1 time courtesy replacement, though Apple Support via telephone already authorized the replacement iPhone.

    Wish me luck. (pretty bad it's a crap shoot whether you get a good iPhone 5 or not).

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    To those of you driving yourselves nuts with the slow dl speeds and high latency speed test, I implore you to use a different process for testing your speed. The FCC broadband test in the App Store is more accurate and there are a few websites floating around that have non java/flash speed tests for mobile devices. The ookla speedtest.net app is not an accurate way for testing wifi on our phones. I have had two replacements and have tried numerous different routers and network set ups. It's the app. As for the people having the issue of not staying connected to wifi, i would assume that is hardware related. I never had that issue. I came to this conclusion because on my home wifi the speedtest would show a .5 Mbps dl speed but I was able to stream Netflix movies crystal clear quality. This didn't add up so I started looking for different speed tests.


    This is a flawed device no doubt, but the speedtest app is also flawed.

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    That app has absolutely parrallelled the issue with the connection problems I had with my first iPhone 5 and current one! So, not sure why you're dissing the accuracy, because it was on target for my connection problems completely.

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    I'm telling you that app shows my latency extremely high, and my download speed extremely low. All other tests and apps report nearly identical speeds except that app. Are the three or four other tests I am using inaccurate or is the one that is inconsistent with the others inaccurate? You decide. Right now the speed test app is saying I'm at .5 Mbps down with a ping of over 400. But somehow I'm streaming a NHL game on my device flawlessly on wifi and loading this site in the blink of an eye to post this reply. Does that add up to you?

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    All I know is, my issues were measured correctly with the app, and as my connection slowed, then halted to a compele stop, it measured it correctly.

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    It gives inconsistent results because the servers in my area used by speedtest.net are complete crap. It may work better for you but the slow results on local servers lead me to different speed tests because I knew if my download speed was really that slow there is no way I would be able to view the content on my phone I am viewing with such ease.

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    Since my first iphone 5 was never DFU reset, it is hard to say what caused the wifi problems there.  My second (the replacement) was most definitely a hardware issue.  With my third (second replacement) I have only had one time in a week where my wifi froze.  Knock on wood, I got a good replacement.


    There is definitely a hardware issue out there and it is sad Apple isn't owning up to it.  It amazes me the tech blogs and media are sweeping this under the rug too.

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    Isn't is still disturbing that the wifi will occasionally freeze on our good iPhone 5 replacements though? Even the 3Gs I had priror to this never had this issue.

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    I haven't had the issue with wifi freeze or disconnections. My chief complaint was the slow speed tests and all along it was the ****** server I was testing through. I feel like a total horse's *** for the amount of time I dedicated to home network tweaking etc.

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    Patsywright Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Speedtest app flawed. Same thing with my iPhone 5 I agree with you.

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    Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    If you just have slow connections, LeraVent, but not difficulty maintaining a connection, maybe join in on https://discussions.apple.com/message/21364679. I think we have 2 different sorts of problems - difficulty getting/maintaining a connection, and generally slow performance.