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  • 525. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    sergeyaksarin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ meegansman



    "I've done it all - Restore, reinstall, disabled many of the" advanced "features that are the very features that Apple touts when selling these phones. Guess what, it didn't help. My 4 month old iPhone 5 with a full charge will die in six hours, untouched, in my pocket. If I use it just a little, the% battery life counts down like it's a launchpad countdown clock. "


    I have the same thing. None of the above methods do not help. Phone sits at 6-8 hours in any mode:

    and in airplane mode

    and 3G network

    and a missing SIM card.



    Only last hope to update iOs, and if it does not work, then selling the phone and buy myself a Samsung Galaxy S4

  • 526. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    r.a.parks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been focusing on iPhone battery drain as a result of runaway connections to Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers, both back in December and more recently with iOS 6.1.2.  While properly-behaving iPhones and iPads connect to my employer's Exchange ActiveSync server a few hundred times per day, we'll occassionally see a phone begin connecting tens of thousands of times per day.  The user will see his or her battery life drop to half a day, and any of these connections occurring over 3G/4G will drive up their cell phone bill.  The most recent fix has been to turn calendar sync off in the Exchange settings on the runaway device, and then turn it back on.  No need to disable push e-mail or otherwise hobble the device.


    Now obviously there are iPhone owners who are having problems with other e-mail systems, and problems that don't seem to be tied to e-mail at all.  Unfortunalty this post will be little comfort for you.  For those who may be connecting to Microsoft Exchange 2003, however, I just learned something new.


    On Friday, Apple recommended to a peer who had been in a similar boat that he install an Exchange Server 2003 patch described in Microsoft KB 967046.  I just deployed the same patch to our servers last night.  Hours prior to installing the patch, one person's iPhone initiated 6,741 POST attempts to our Exchange server in just over 2 hours, until the phone's owner powered it off.  When she later powered the phone back on after the Exchange patch had been applied, the problem didn't reoccur.  No need to do the calendar sync shuffle, or any other action on her part.  While it's too early to say whether this patch has resolved our sporadic, runaway iPhones, those organizations still running Exchange 2003 may want to look into KB 967046 further.

  • 527. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    Aki Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    If I understand it now right, you mean it's only a problem arround Exchange?


    If yes, than pls. explain me why I lost a lot of my battery life without any Exchange account? I have only some IMAP accounts for my mail services and just for a test I have also removed my complete cloud account from the iPhone.


    Tomorrow I will contact Apple (Germany) to ask, what I can do or if something wrong with the battery of my new iPhone.

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    r.a.parks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I didn't say that the only problem is tied to Microsoft Exchange.  If you'll re-read my middle paragraph, you'll see that I achnowledged that there are, "problems with other e-mail systems, and problems that don't seem to be tied to e-mail at all."  My post was only for people who may be connecting to Exchange 2003.  Best of luck in resolving your issue, whatever it may be.

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    Aki Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Thanks for giving me a answer... And sorry if you was thinking, that I want to annoying you. That was not my opinion.

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    Philip Spencer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to agree with r.aparks. (Possibly), problems with e-mail systems are pretty much encountered even without having an email account installed, linked, or synced. Contrary to how Lawrence Fitch answered my question on the previous pages of the thread (altho i do not wish to annoy him), an iPhone should not send queues and requests to email, icloud or exchange servers thousands of times in one run as it may really drain the battery. Nonetheless, it may be POSSIBLY occuring.


    In addition, altho I am aware of the fact that it is legitimate for the iphone to contact the email server several times per run. It is not legit for the smartphone to keep the Mail application running all time. (according to my troubleshooting via SysStats application) and to probably send qs thousands of times if that can be the case. If my iPhone will start Mail app during the initial startup, and doesnt have the ability the shutdown the application alone, it would really drain my battery for good. I picture myself not having the application SysStats to check whether Mail app is running or not, there is a big possibility that my Mail would be running all the time without addressing me that actually it is. It's very very annoying that this happens. More than much annoying to know that i dont have any email account/exchange/icloud intstalled, i never couldve opened the Mail app that frequent. Never had problems like this with my 3G and 4S. Now a loyal apple fanboy might be switching his smartphone for the upcoming samsung galaxy s4 which would likely be a total killer for the iphone5.

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    baker222 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello I have never posted to these forums before but this time I want to leave my coment. Yesterday I upgraded to 6.1.2 because I was having issues with my old software. Giving me a weird alert at 5pm on no set day would do it for about 2hr (tri-tone alert) even after replacing my phone through apple. So I just set up as a new phone with 6.1.2 and I am as of this evening so happy my phone is a 53% battery and standby time 14hr and usage at 4.5hr. So I don't know why but something is working for me with this update. And the one thing that I really hate about apple is all the updates. Just. Just do all the patchs,bug fixes, battery fixes, and what ever else it is that you people do, all in one update it really dose not take that long to figure out the problems and fix them.

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    olliepooch Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just posting to say a huge thank you to Lawrence for the advice about removing email accounts and hard resetting. My 4s battery was absolutely appalling - about 4 hours per charge, a bit worrying as I bought the phone second hand and thought maybe I had a a dud - and is now rock solid after performing the fix. In fact I keep checking it to see if it's gone down while listening to music and it hasn't even budged. This is more like how I remember it!

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    Zeljko83 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem is on 3G signal.

    My iphone5 last 5-6 hours on 3G after 6.1.2 update!!

    Try install/reinstall via itunes

    Disable location services, notification,

    E mail ... Nothing helps...

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    TommyCRO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I will repeat myself - I have very good standby baterry percentage after fix from here, I think even better than before.

    But, I noticed when I use my 4s (any kind of use like short calls, quick mail check, text, few whatsapp messages or so..) i l lose few percentages of battery noticeably faster than before... Anyone else?


    ...and I always found "mail" in background processes, even without any mail activation or so...


    My suggestion (also mentioned here) is that you must exhaust your battery till phone go off - for 3-4 times at least.



    Probaj i ovo Željko.

  • 535. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    Jamesshifty Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Definitely an issue for me :/ I would get about 13 hours out of a single charge on my iPad 4 and I only get 7 now, I would get about 7 hours on my iPhone 5 and I only get about 2-3 :/

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    Zeljko83 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mislis da se iphone izgasi u potpunosti ?

    Neznam za to ali probao sam i 3x reinstalirati putem itunesa


    Maknuo sam icloud racun

    Nemam e mail racun isto tako

    Iskljucio sam lokacijske usluge

    Ali uz sve to maksimalno trajanje je 5-6h na 3G!

    Mislim da je problem u 3G signalu!

    Poslao sam mail u servis pa cekam odgovor sta napraviti.

  • 537. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    Aki Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Well, I have now called with Apple (Germany) and explain my problem.


    The support ask me, if they can send me a request to get a diagnostic report from my iPhone 4S. So I got a Mail, click on the link and just in seconds he got the report.


    He spend some time to look on the battery report and give me some hints how I can save battery life. For example he named "Whats App" as a battery drainer or the Facebook app (I have only Whats App active). His tip was, to kill WhatsApp, when I don't need it.


    Anyway... He analyze my battery (when was the last charging, how often I do it in the last days, how long it works, how much Battery is now available). For the moment he say, it looks all well on my iPhone.


    So what I do since my last comment around my problem...

    • Delete all Mail accounts from my iPhone and synced them back over iTunes

    • Delete my cloud account. Now I have activate it again, but without Push / sync every 15 minutes

    • Disable push for all mail accounts who are active


    At the end he say, I need to watch if my iPhone 4S getting hot when I use it on a regular way (It's normal that the iPhone will be a bit warm, when you use a navgiation app, iMovie or Games...).

  • 538. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    TommyCRO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ja 3g palim samo kad mi treba. On općenito troši više i nije mjerodavan kad se priča o trajanju baterije, naročito u područjima sa slabom pokrivenošću ( ja sam u šibeniku).. Da, potpuno iscrpi bateriju skroz do gašenja nekoliko puta najmanje 3, i onda ga ugašenog napuni iz zida do 100%.. Meni se učinilo puuno bolje...

  • 539. Re: Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain!
    Zeljko83 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ali na iphonu5 6.1.2 3G signal se nemoze iskljuciti!

    Dok se na prijasnjem 6.0.1 moglo iskljuciti i staviti obican Edge 2G u 6.1.2 to su izbacili i dodali umjesto toga LTE podrsku i tu nastaje problem!

    I nije jailbroken tako da to nemoze biti razlog.

    A downgrade na 6.0.1 nije moguc na petici...

    Tako da bas nekih opcija i mogucnost i nema puno.

    Jedino sto ostaje servis i njihova dijagnostika i zamjena, samo sto Apple zaboli za hrvatsku, a mi se snalazi kako znas!

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