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I'm writing to ask about USB3 on G5s.  In the past, posts say Leopard would not support it.  However, on macsales.com there are multiple options for PCI-e cards that support USB3 on G5s (on late model G5s running 10.5.8), e.g.




I own an old but working-flawlessly dual-2.3 late-2005 PMG5.


The PMG5 is presumably v1 PCI-e and I don't know what the peak speed, if it works under OS 10.5.8, could be achieved (probably 3 Gb/s).  I'm trying to do better than FW800, and I'd just as soon skip eSATA.


To those 'buy a new mac' questions, I own a retina MBP at work and i5 MBP at home.  But USB3 would be a nice addition to the PMG5.


Anyone try this?  As I understand it FW### is DMA and USB is not ,so even if it works it may drag down the processor - but I'd like the option for moving large-ish (100s GB, not TBs) files around.


Thanks for any comments.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G5 dual-2.3, late 2005