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When somebody sends a skype message there is no information on my board like when emails or other messages arrive. Although I activated these notices in skype "einstellungen". I only hear a noise but don't see anything. So I would be pleased to no how to solve this problem.

PowerBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Which version of Skype?


    What do you have set relative to Skype in System Preferences, Notifications?

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    Dear CT!

    skype version

    Notifications in system preferences = Mitteilungen in system Einstellungen!?

    There is no skype in this system preferences where I can adjust to banner or "Hinweise" (the right one which should stay until I close it) My dropbox appeared in the "Mitteilungszentrale" but skype did not. What can I do, pls?