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i am having a problem on my first generation (1,1) mac pro where i have an installation of Windows 7 "under" boot camp. this installation involved some kind of minor mac hack that involved writing something to ISO and/or a CD Rom and then getting the installation onto my hard drive.


lately if i try and Option Boot into this volume i get a Windows closed down incorrectly error and then i hit start windows normally it will crash out and restart the computer in mac OS (i.e. in another option boot volume).

at one point the windows 7 boot was not working at all and we discovered that i had to TURN OFF my G-Tech 3 TB backup drive in order to get the Mac to boot into Windows.


i am wondering if i should focus my energies by trying to boot into Safe Mode (and if so what to do if/when i get there) but also whether this appears to be an issue with the Mac Pro, the G-Tech external, Windows or some combination of all plus some user error thrown in for good measure.

i absolutely need to have a volume of windows 7 running and this is a long-standing issue at this point.


i am also running a Carbon Copy Cloner of this volume (the one that has all my OS's) on a daily basis to another internal hard drive (which i assume does not matter but i figure to mention it).


any ideas on what to do??


i am planning at some point to buy the next release of the Mac Pro so i can upgrade the desktop to Mountain Lion to match the laptop but it seems like i should be able to get this working on my end now...




P.S. I /am/ also noticing that my User Photo periodically drops off and i just see two blank icons (one for me and one for Guest) when i have to login. i set it to a photo and then a week or two or a boot or two later it will disappear.


Windows won't boot on my Mac Pro 1,1 (first safe mode then crash out to Mac OS)

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