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Hi. My monitor gave up the ghost and I am trying to connect an old Apple Multiple Scan 14" display (1995) to my G5 so I can use my computer until I select a new monitor. I currently have the Multiple Scan hooked up to an older Mac clone and it works fine. The male connector at the end of the cable from the monitor is what I believe is called a DB-15 (two rows- 8 pins in the top row and 7 pins in the bottom row). I have that connected to a DB-15 female to female adapter which is connected to a switchable Mac to VGA adapter (DB-15 male on one end and VGA male on the other). To the VGA male end of the switchable adapter I have connected a VGA female to female adapter which is connected to the male VGA end of the VGA to DVI-I adapter that came w/ my G5.


I have the monitor turned on and when I boot up the G5 the screen stays dark and the green light below the screen continues to flash. It appears not be receiving any signal. I have tried various switch settings on the switchable adapter but to no avail. Am I using too many adapters or does anyone have any other ideas? Would just like to use it temporarily.

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.4.11)